A software solution for every problem.

We are a software development company that provides custom software solutions, and support existing ones, keeping your vision in mind and making your success our goal.


We are AKK Software, and we are happy to meet you!

Our Company

Our company

is a software development company with a team of creative people who tackle everyday problems and tasks, including custom software solutions, UX/UI design, mobile app, web development, and product management.

Our Clients

Our clients

include startups, corporations, and nonprofit organizations, and our main goal is to help your business grow. That's why we scale with you and take the risk together, so we can enjoy our mutual success.

Our Team

Our team

has members that have been in the industry since the early 90s, and the others are brilliant young people, so we bring you a perfect combination of experience, stability, and hunger for success.


Creating custom made solutions and supporting existing ones are the main focus of our work, but we can also extend, customize, or refactor them.

We provide services of:

software development

software development

quality assurance

quality assurance





Web/UI/UX design

Web/UI/UX design

product management

product management

Our people have great experience in various business domains and technology stacks, so we are able to help you with any kind of requests, ideas, or problems.

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Our way of working is simple, and you can always count on our expertise and honest advice.


Tell us what you need

where you want to go, or where you want to be in the future.


We will listen

ask, and propose.


Together we will create

a mutual understanding and a plan.

We have vast experience that can help you in making the right decisions and choices. The burden of handling budgets, schedules, priorities, risks, disruptions is ours as much as yours - once we start working with you.

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Experience in various models of engagements, businesses with different magnitude, and various verticals enable us to work with many clients – from startups to enterprise, from social networking to corporate business, from the desktop through web and cloud to mobile or media streaming.

Our range of services is wide – we can provide you with resources so you can work with your team, we can assign cross-functional teams, or we can deliver turnkey solutions.

We have developed a framework that, depending on your needs, gets us engaged easily and quickly. Even if you are not sure how to get to your goals - we can get you there. You just have to be committed. The rest is on us.


We are strong supporters of Agile, not because it is popular, but because it is proven Agile has better delivery and success. Having that in mind, we also understand that sometimes requirements are different, some clients cannot adapt to it so easily. No worries, we can help and make it easy for you.

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It is in our core to adapt to the specifics of each client, knowing that Agile is not everyone's cup of tea. After all, we were in the industry even before Agile.

That's why we are always acquiring new challenges because there is always a need for more in today’s highly competitive market. We also know what downtime or time to market means. So we are applying industry-leading standards in order to be successful. By investing in our people, tools, and knowledge, we provide you the best and up to date solutions and services.


Changes are constant in the advanced world in which we live – yesterday's new is today's old. Many factors are involved when you make decisions about what you want to use for your solutions.

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Some clients want to use innovative solutions, while others want to go to proven vendors. Some simply cannot choose or maybe they have a legacy product that is difficult to replace or upgrade. Many decisions are driven by the domain of solutions, and the other half is driven by the budget.

Either way, decisions are never easy and need to be made thoroughly. We understand everything, so our approach involves multiple aspects – learning and testing, optimizing, gradual replacement, or a complete overhaul, budget impacts and risks, and long term investments. Each project and client get full attention and a strong technical and business overview before recommending and deciding.

We have experience with all major technologies:

Our Work

In AKK Software, we have vast experience with different types of industries, including startups, corporations, and nonprofit organizations.

Real Estate, Facility, and Resource Management systems.
Team sourcing for the development of a wide range of web and mobile solutions.

Logistics and distribution.
Team sourcing for QA, and over 20 different solutions, web, mobile, IoT devices.

A company with a wide range of solutions in health care, insurance, and benefits domain.
Development of different web and mobile solutions, BI and analytics platforms, etc.

Online Fashion company.
Team sourcing in development and QA of their E-commerce solutions.

Medical cabinets, wending machines, and real-time monitoring company.
Development on the web, mobile, and IoT solutions.

Media streaming solutions.
Team sourcing for QA and development of web portals, analytics, mobile apps, and Roku TV development.

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